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Oo! Shiny Serra Angel
Someone is listing on eBay a mint foil Serra Angel with the original artwork.

I already have a playset of Serra Angels, but my packratting tendencies want that impossible shiny so much. At $44 Canadian, though, it's quite a bit out of my impulse-buy range.

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I have buttloads of Serra Angels with that artwork... not mint foil, though, I'll give you that.

When angels fly out of my butt

It's the fact that there were no foil versions when that card was originally printed. A card that's foil but has no set symbol is a rare beastie indeed. That one, apparently, was given to a judge as a promo at Grand Prix Toronto.

I can go get a mint that's wrapped in foil, flatten it out, and pound it into a card with a hammer. Would that make it worth more?

Dude! I didn't know you played!! Do I now have reason to miss you even more?!

I stopped playing approximately when Tempest came out, because of all the silly special rules that popped up on every second card. What's wrong with just Banding, Trample, Flying, Landwalk or Protection from COlour, I ask you? I never needed more than that. ;)

Cycling and Storm are pretty freaking cool mechanics, IMO. My current faves (and by now they're relatively old school) -- they're quite a bit later than Tempest, though. Equipment (new with Mirrodin) is pretty darned nifty too -- it's a sort of solid creature enchantment, like weapons and armour.

They have to keep inventing new card mechanics in order to keep the game fresh, and therefore keep people playing and -- more to the point -- buying it. The standard game is constantly changing; the old-school Type 1 game actually seems pretty damned boring because it changes so much more slowly. I mean, yeah, OK, some donut can get a turn 1 kill if he draws a mitt full o' moxen -- so what? Nothing clever and interesting about that, IMO.

I, ah, don't suppose you still have those old cards of yours? ;-)

Meh. :P It just didn't appeal to me anymore. Just another moneysink I'm glad to be out of.

I still have all my cards though.

Any desire to part with 'em? ;-)

And what do /you/ want with German Magic cards? ;)

Not that I'm really looking to part with them...

Funnily enough, I have a lot of foreign language Magic cards!

Yeah, I had an Italian and a Japanese one myself... traded them in for something else though. Will have been a Merfolk of one kind or another. (Blue is the way to go! Blue-Black Zombie-fed Homarid Deck!)

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