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Books to Read
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Note to self: read Terry Goodkind's Wizard's First Rule.

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Dude... what chu doin on thursday night?

Dunno, yet. What might I be doing Thurday night?

Re: Thursday night

Might be comin' over for a magic fest?

I might, at that. I'll pencil that in and let you know for sure by earlyish tomorrow.

Yeah, I'm there! What time should I head over?

GOOD BOOK, I swear ur the one that told me to read it, but it could of been Caroline, hummmmmm, now I cant remember. Now im going to go read it again, and maybe the second book too, Temple of the winds or was it Stone of tears,hummm. I own all of them, i just dont feel like turning around and grabing the book to figure out the order. I havent read the second or third one yet. I got destracted by work and life, i havent really read a book on awhile, thx for getting me in the right mind set.

You have inspired me to read again *corny sigh and faint*

Probably Caroline, or Dean. Dean and I were discussion good novels last night, which is why I made the note. Otherwise, I'll just forget it and not remember to look it up.

Its a good book. The series that is starts is also good, but as they progess I've found them to start to lack. I'm hoping the next on picks up again.

Yeah, it's a series with very noticeable fluctuations. Faith of the Fallen was very good though, and Naked Empire was still better than Pillars of Creation, I found.

I found the of all the books Pillars was the worse for me. I didnt like the characters or how the plot was developed.

Finally show up ? : )
I simply could not say "this book really sucks dead goat ass" as that would have (in my mind) influenced or shaded your perception of it .
Seems to be a hit and miss affair , I don't think Mr.Goodkind quite knows how to bring the world calamities and character potentials together . Just seems to be "oppps...another world ending problem to solve "

Re: So did Richard ?

*nods* ... I'm starting to feel that he's pulling a StarTrek... You know every episode the Enterprise crew saves the universe again... ga.

Why can he just have a fucking happy ending for the characters for a few chapters and then work off of that?.. hey?

I have to read that book as well. Too bad Caroline stole it when she moved to Fort Mac... *grumbles*

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