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Something is rotten in the state of Virginia
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The Virginian government has just passed a law not only banning same-sex marriage, but any contracts between same-sex partners that appear to provide for marriage-like benefits.

If you're gay and live in North Carolina and get into a car crash in Virginia, your partner doesn't have power of attorney even if there's an existing legal document that provides for that.

Does this mean that if you're a legally-wedded gay Canadian and you fly to New York from Toronto, and the plane goes down in Virginia, your will leaving everything to your partner back in Toronto is invalidated? I don't know how international law works here, but that's what it sounds like on the face of it. Certainly, it's true if you're a US citizen.

penknife observes that the last time the US made a law forbidding private contracts based on the identity of the parties, it was to ban citizens from making contracts with slaves.

Read through icedrake.

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All the more reason for those of us lucky enough to live in a civilized country to stay the hell out of the US, methinks, and do our part to preserve what we have in terms of sane domestic policy here in Canada. Eh.

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