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New toy!
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What with my new status as a student who needs to be organised, today I went out after class and bought myself a PalmOne Tungsten E. darthmaus came along to help me choose and to lend advice. To her credit, she did keep me from getting sucked into the infamous FutureShop extended warranty vortex.

It doesn't have BlueTooth or Voice Memo like the Zire 72 or the Tungsten T3; and it doesn't have the screen real estate of, or as much memory as, the T3; nor the built-in digital camera of the Zire; but I figured those things weren't worth the twice-larger price tag.

It's shiny, and techy. Being able to keep track of my homework and other to-dos digitally will be a great improvement over the current (lack of) system. Plus, I've always wanted one.

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I must see the new toy -- uhm, I mean, incredibly practical organizational device -- when you get home tomorrow and it is charged. For I have only seen it in its uncharged, dormant, out-of-the-box form, and while it was shiny and pretty it didn't do much. :-P

Dude, you don't, by any chance, still have the receipt for that do you?


Yeah... Why?

Wait, something about a Creo perq, right?


<---- will trade magic cards for receipt ;-)

(Deleted comment)
Actually I don't need the receipt. I just need a photocopy of the receipt. :-)

Hrm. Perhaps we can make a deal, then. :)

Woohoo :)

Also I'm looking for some Wood Elves. Got any?

I have one, but it just went into my 5-colour highlander deck.

They're just commons. I'm sure Mishra's or Lucky's has them in abundance in their 5¢ and 10¢ commons bins.

Alas, I'll need the receipt to be able to claim it for school expenses if I get audited. Also, I need it for the 90-day warranty.

And a receipt for Magic cards would usually be such a good deal. :(

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