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Monolithic Programs Bite
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o/~ This is the way we rebuild our kernel,
Rebuild our kernel, rebuild our kernel.
This is the way we rebuild our kernel,
Early in the evening. o/~

The Tungsten E is lovely, and it's already helping me become more organised around school work and related tasks. However, the software that comes with it is Mac- or Windows-only. I don't need any of that functionality except HotSync to keep backups, and, there being lots of Palm-using Linux geeks, there's plenty of quality software to do this.

Alas, it's not that simple. Since I use roll-yer-own kernels, I have to recompile the whole damned thing just to include a tiny piece of code that understands USB/Serial PalmOS devices. I already had all the other USB stuff I needed compiled-in; I'm just missing that one tiny, important piece.

One might say that I should just compile everything, leaving the odd stuff in modules, but I haven't got the time to manage the arcanities of modprobe and aliases...

Oh look! It's done. Now, to see if it works...