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Those wacky brits
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Britain is way ahead of this continent in terms of comfort with the sexuality of its people, let alone the sexuality of its young people.

There, a new sex-education program teaches that there are many ways of being intimate that don't involve intercourse, and that many of these are safer and less likely to result in pregnancy (duh? and it took how long for adults to start admitting this to kids?). Apparently, Britain was pushed to this degree of frankness by the highest teen pregnancy rate in they have and the escalating taxpayer costs associated with it.

A study concluded that the pilot was a success; essentially, that oral sex prevents pregnancy (in a statistical sense).

Thanks to lazarus7 for the link!

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oral sex prevents pregnancy

I wonder how much of this program was geared towards teaching girls to give blowjobs to prevent sex as opposed to teaching guys not to expect sex and that there are alternatives (such as mutual masturbation) just as pleasurable?

But yeah, I think they need to re-consider sex training to actually include **SEX** and not just intercourse.

Re: oral sex prevents pregnancy

Despite the aritcle's title, it sounds as if it's more about being assertive and making one's own choices, for or against, for one's own reasons.

The way I understand it is that, when all the authorities were saying was "don't," those who weren't going to have sex anyway knew exactly how to make the choices involved in abstinence, but those who were going to have sex anyway had no advice on how make good and informed choices about partners and activities. So, they're finally addressing that second half instead of pretending they don't exist.

It's about damned time, though.

Re: oral sex prevents pregnancy

It's about damned time, though.

Yeah, it is. They've always concentrated on the *SCIENCE* of sex (leave that for the biology classes) instead of the *HUMANISM* of sex. Ie, it feels good and you're gonna wanna do it, so here's what you *REALLY* need to know! Start with "if the other person says 'NO' and you force it, that's rape and you'll go to jail". Then get into *stimulation* feels good, whether manual, intercourse, or oral. Then gender and sexuality issues. Safe sex in there somewhere, as well as equal time to mono- vs poly- relationships. Heck, *RELATIONSHIPS* need to be discussed!

Hmmm, okay, so maybe that'll take up more than the usual 1 hour tha most sex-ed classes are.

I can just picture classes now...

"If a boy buys you dinner and expects sex in return, try offering him a blowjob instead..."

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