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The Dance of the Student Loan Approval Letter
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I'm bad: I'm a Procrastinator. I only got my student loan application submitted a couple weeks after I started at SFU. On the bright side (kinda), I have a credit card to keep me in textbooks and stationary until my loan goes through.

Today I got a letter confirming that my application has been accepted. Once SFU confirms that I'm enrolled, which should be this week if not already, I only have to wait two weeks for the loan cheque to grace my mailbox.

*dances the dance of post-secondary funding*

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Yay! :)

Hey, if I get a job and you get your loans all in the same week, then... well, OK, we'll both still be eating Kraft Dinner. Because we like it.

no dijon ketchup?

I've never tried dijon ketchup, so I can't say. Is there even such a beast outside of million-dollar treeforts?

I assume one could mix dijon mustard with ketchup, but that might be awfully trailer trash.

Apparently, Canadians eat more Kraft Dinner per capita than any other nation in the world. So, mac & cheese is part of our nationality. It wouldn't be trailer-trashy, here; it'd be innovative local cuisine. ;)

Like peanut butter celery canoes?

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