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Fifth Dawn Prerelease
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Just got back from the Fifth Dawn prerelease. I didn't have an impressive card pool to start with. I did win my first two rounds, though, so it seems that I made decent use of what I got. I dropped after the third round and my first loss, and we took off.

Yeah, it took seven hours from registration to the end of third round. Gah. Next time I think I will drop after the first round and try my hand at drafting. As it was, drafting would have just been too much more time in that stuffy room.

I did bring home one interesting prize, though: just before the first round, while walking to the bathroom I stepped on a black card sleeve that blended into the carpet. Picking it up I saw that it was a Chrome Mox. I showed the people at the adjacent table the sleeve and asked if anyone used that colour or had lost a card, but nobody had. Free Chrome Mox for me!

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