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Food for Thought
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I am eating yet another concoction that sprang from some strange recess in my genetic memory when my ancestors ate rice and cabbage and meat, rather than my usual pasta, sushi, and cheese & pickle sandwiches.

Take one large can of soup stock (1.36L says the label), empty into large pot. Add slightly less than half this volume of rice and bring to boil. Turn down to simmer and ignore for a bit, covered. Fry a pound of ground beef, seasoned, and toss it in with the rice. Realise that the rice didn't have enough liquid and that all that was there has been absorbed, and throw in some kettle-boiled water to bring it back to porridge-y consistency. Finish adding the fried beef. Clean skillet, and put in a few tablespoons of olive oil. Fry diced cabbage (half a head) and toss this in with a bunch of salt. Fry until hot, then toss into the rice-beef mélange. Eat, and enjoy.

I know that I've got eastern-Québec farmer in me, but sometimes it shocks me just how much there is...

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Sounds pretty good. Hrm. I am now pondering the potentials of my red cabbage + red wine + bacon + beef = soup?

I'm personally fostering my inner little old lady.

Tea today was good, we should do that more often. you should call my place when you're in the neigbourhood, late.

Will do! What with being out at the Mountain every weekday, I imagine I'll have that opportunity much more often than I have in the past... year... or so.

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