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While at Metrotown to pick up ingredients for my rice-beef-cabbage thing (yes, I know Metrotown is way the hell out of the way, but I was coming back from visiting the lovely and tea-making estrellada), I stopped in at FutureShop to see if I could find a copy of The Aquabats vs. The Floating Eye of Death!, Vol. 1: And Other Amazing Adventures. So in I went, in search of their delectable CDs.

FutureShop has a huge neon sign in the window that proclaims "music CD Source". Do you think I could even find their music section?

A&B Sound at the corner of McKay and Kingsway was closed by then, too.

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Oh, I miss Vancouver so much...though I hear it was novembery today...

It was very Novembery today, except that it was reasonable to go out in shirtsleeves. :) I became quite intimately familiar with the exact consistency and saturation of the air, since I spent better than an hour walking out in it, today. It's actually kind of nice once you get used to it, when it's a reasonable temperature.

Out of curiosity, how'd you find your way here? I haven't seen you around here before. Oh, and welcome to my journal. :)

Re: November showers

Well, I really don't know for sure. Sometimes I get bored and go searching for new people and just add here and there. I think I found you through a community, and saw that you were writing some Vancuover specific things, and added you. =)

Yeah, that might have been polyamory. Well then, welcome aboard. :)

Last time I was in there it was halfway to the back on the right hand side of the store (as you walk in), kinda kitty-corner from theit software selection in the middle of the store.

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