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SeaLion War!
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I'm heading off to the Haus of Maus, and tomorrow morning we're heading out to Aldergrove for the SeaLion War. I'll be borrowing garb so that I'm appropriately SCAdian, and me mum bought me a reproduction 11th-century dagger when she was in Chester, England, which will suit the outfit nicely.

And I'm off! Have a good Saturday, y'all!

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Have fun!!

Sealion is a blast! One of my favorite events of the year.

Is Chris going to be fighting?

No, Chris didn't do any fighting. He's not really been "in training," so we only went as sight-seers.

It was fun, though! We didn't stay long enough to get a taste of the SCA night-life, but it was a small event due to weather forecasts, anyway. We're tentatively planning on going to Clinton, though, now that we've had a taste of what it's like. :)

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