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Kissing Ass
I was browsing the Magic cards for sale in Canada on eBay. In particular, I was curious about how much Relentless Rats is going for, since the card removes the four-per-deck limit that is usually imposed on non-basic land cards when one is building a deck. Merchants have been throwing fits, complaining that it's nearly impossible to price reasonably, as a price too low will clean out their stock right quick, but a price too hight will prevent any sales at all. Well, they can just bite me, since they'll just have to suffer regular supply and demand economics now, rather than the artificial 4-card limit on per-person demand. Woe is them.

Anyway, I was browsing, and I came across these highly amusing listings. Apparently, someone isn't quite clear on exactly what sort of promotional text is appropriate. It reminds me of that line from Demolition Man.


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