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SFU Magic
I'm writing this on my Tungsten as I wait for my Discrete Math course to start. I installed PocketLJ, which will submit this when I get home and Hotsync my Palm.

After checking out the Chancellor's Gym here at SFU, I sat in the Rotunda and read the info booklet on the facilities and programs. There I noticed a bunch of guys playing Mental Magic at one of the tables. It seems that they play there most days.

Danger! Danger!

I'm going to have to discipine myself to not play too much Magic on campus.

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My god. The hours I've spent on campus playing magic. I remember fondly arriving at 9am for my 9:30 class of MATH 232. So boring. Looking over at the bunch of guys I hang with already at it and thinking 'Well, I have time for one or two games'.

How the hell did I get a B in that class?

Did you notice the end-of-August Anime Con posters up? Card games and anime...I might have to go.

No, I haven't noticed those. When-who-where is it? It'll be late August and safely past exams. :)

It's AnimeEvolution. they have a webiste up; I looked and am reconsidering; it might be too geeky ;)

You've just made me look up Mental Magic. I'm holding you personally responsible, just so you know.

Doesn't it sound interesting? Fortunately, I gather that neither of us is sufficiently encyclopeadic about our Magic card knowledge to be in danger. Well, not much danger...

m'boy, you're looking at it wrong. This isn't a hurdle, it's a challenge, a quest to gain sufficient knowledge to play such a high-demand game!

(Incidentally, and I know darthmaus will appreciate this, I just had a terrifying htmlgeek/languagegeek conflict. As I wrote the italics tag before "quest," I was struck by a terrible thought -- but that's a vowel, so I must now change the "a" to an "an!" Oh, woe is I.)


wondering if i is the square root of -1, or if i am the square root of -1...

I'm writing this on my Tungsten as I wait for my Discrete Math course to start. I installed PocketLJ ...



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