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IP filtering makes Sax a very angry boy
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I've been unable to connect to worb.ca from outside for the past few days. According to the server logs, it's been since June 4th. I figured it was either a temporary network problem, or a permanent network policy change at Telus, my service provider.

I just got off the phone with their tech support. After a frustrating conversation, I came away with the answer to my question: in response to all those virus in the wild, they are port filtering all incoming traffic into non-existence. That means that any connection initiated from inside the network, like from my desktop, will get to the outside world and the answer will be let through. However, any connection initiated by the outside world will be silently blocked at the switch, long before it gets anywhere near my server. Thus, worb.ca has fallen off the face of the Internet.


This only effects dynamic IPs, though, so I could just get a static IP address from them... for $89.95 a month, sure. Alternatively I can say "fuck it" and just let my server fall off the 'net, let my domain name lapse, format the machine, tell Telus to piss off, and just go with cable and Fido for Internet and phone.

Grrr, hiss, wail, gnash.

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We dislikes Telus, preciouss.

Grrrr. Hisss.

What do you need out of a server? There are some pretty cheap options out there now. Ones that include shell access and Java if you want. For $10/month or less, maybe much less.

It isn't the same as just having your own box to play with, but for straight hosting its good.

If you need something with more play possible...there might be an answer too.

Mostly to have my own server to do what I want with. I think I may just have to give up on it for a while. I may be moving into residence in the fall anyhow, and so long as they don't have the same boneheaded policy on RezNet I'll be able to run my server from there.

I don't see how they can even do that... it's just... immoral! It just frustrates me to heck, as I'm sure it does you as well. It just... it should be illegal to do that! >___<

Can't they find any other way to protect against virus's? Maybe we should start a petition and get all other server administrators to sign it or summat. *sigh* Does this mean I have to give up my free space/domain and go for complicated hosting?

Erm... Wouldn't that kill things like, oh, for example, IM programs of all sorts? And really, Telus is by far the least clueful Ma Bell incarnation I've ever encountered. I remember their cell plan pricing prior to their Fido war. It was so absolutely horrendous I've yet to understand how they remained afloat. 90 bucks for a static IP?! That's nonsensical -- most ISPs I know around here offer the same for $5. Have you considered a different ISP?

I am running all my *.interweeb.com through Shaw. They don't seem to be smart enough to care.

Runs fine... has been running fine for you years and years.

I'd off to colocate your box, but beyond the kinky conversation that would ensure, the travel distance to deliver the equipment would suck.

Good luck though ... let me know if I can help (even if you just want a web server to hold your domain for a while ...)

I had always heard that Shaw were more hostile to servers... perhaps times have changed.

not in my experience.

I boil it down to phone people vs cable people. The guys at shaw act like cable guys ... not that much to care about ... if it goes away for a little bit, no biggie. The phone guys are much more intense. They are concerned with greater uptime, interconnectivity, etc.

I only recently had to put in a router and do some of my addressing internally. I used to routinely grab 9 or 10 IPs from Shaw at a time.

Now they limit me to two, but hey ... that is all I really need anyhow.

Oh great, that sucks. I was hoping to set up a server soon.

Providers like Dreamhost are okay but I really want to add stuff like Apache server extensions. I hate managing every other stupid thing, but I'll deal with it.

Maybe we can pool hosting research, or even resources?

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