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Working out
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I haven't worked out in any meaningful way since Outdoor Education class in grades 11 and 12. Skip forward seven years to earlier today, when I went with darthmaus to Spartacus near the Drive.

The weight-training is interesting. I can't lift/pull as much as she right now, but I do remember being surprised at how quickly my weightlifting improved back when I was seventeen just by keeping it up. Mostly it was just an introduction to the machines available; my focus is going to be mainly on cardio to begin with, since my lung capacity is a major bottleneck for any athletics that I undertake.

The elliptical trainer was interesting. At minute 7 (of 30), I was already wanting to stop and get off, but decided to persevere. I found that it stayed hard, but didn't get any harder. Hey, if this is the worst, I can endure this, was my thought. After thirty minutes I was drenched and well-exercised, and I could feel how the work-out had stretched my ribcage in a way it rarely gets stretched.

Now let's see how sore I am tomorrow, and where.

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Hee :) With all that testosterone coursing through your veins, you'll be lifting way more than me in no time. In the meantime, I'm happy to show you the ropes (and cables, and bars, and elliptical trainers). If we can do that with some regularity, we'll be smoothly interacting workout partners... and we'll both have a spotter for the bench press ;-)

Love you, sweetheart!
-Poll Mouse, really should be going to bed

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