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Election 2004
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That's Election Canada 2004.

The results are in for almost all of the ridings--only 24 to go as of this moment.

The Liberals are just barely managing to fail to get a majority, falling short by 21 seats of 308. The Conservatives are getting a (to me) stomach-turning majority in BC. Not much surprise there, though--in 2000, the only non-Alliance seats were in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver, while everything outside of that tiny geographical area was Alliance.

The Bloc Québecois did well in Quebec, as expected. The NDP are giving a decent showing over all, with 17 elected seats as of now, and about 24 expected to be Orange by the time the last vote is counted.

This will be an interesting government. If you don't already know something about how a government is formed, it's actually fairly interesting reading. Even with the Liberals getting more seats than any other party, they still need to show that they can lead the House of Commons or else the Governor General, as the Queen's Representative, will not appoint Paul Martin as her first minister. Yes, it will be very interesting.

You did get out and vote, right?

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I did indeed ! ... even convinced two more people to get out and vote!

I am almost a large enough group to swing some ridings it appears!

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