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I was the victim of attempted biting yesterday by a mosquito the size of my thumb. I'm incensed! I thought the city didn't get mosquitos at all. Granted, this was on top of Burnaby Mountain at SFU, but it still shakes my confidence that the concrete jungle is a mosquito-free zone.

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um... mosquitos... they might not be bothering you usually because they're all hanging around anxiously outside my front door.

"Give us the DELICIOUS one!" they chant over and over (with small and nasal voices), until I can no longer sleep at night for the noise. And as for leaving the house, well...

Did you miss the temperate rainforest on the way up the mountain?

Just a thought.

I'm hoping that's all it was. I've just never seen a mosquito in Vancouver, and despite the forest-and-mountain thing I still think of SFU as being "in" the city of Greater Vancouver.

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