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Toronto: Evil and Dead
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Evil Dead
The Musical

"It's the old familiar story that we know and love: Boy meets girl, boy unleashes ancient evil spirit, girl turns into zombie, boy must fight to survive until dawn as his friends turn into the undead around him." -- from the synopsis of Evil Dead 1 & 2: The Musical

If I were in Toronto I would go see this in a minute. For now I'll just have to be satisfied with imagining such hits as "Do the Necronomicon". Hey, darthmaus, you wanna rent the movies and have a movie night this weekend?

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Dude! I don't need to *rent* the movies. I've got 'em all right here!

pining for Toronto, for a rare change

Well, that clinches it then, doesn't it? :)

Did I mention that I haven't seen those two through?

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