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Literature Abuse at record levels!
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The signs of Literature Abuse, or LA

"If you answered 'yes' to four or more of these questions, you may be a literature abuser. Affirmative responses to seven or more indicates a serious problem."

I scored 14 affirmative. I think I may have a problem. I wonder if there's a 12-step plan?

(Link via theferrett)

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I scored 17. However, I have decided the only way for me to survive is to acheive an English Minor. Also, it's not my fault; family, friends and lovers enable my reading by giving or lending me books.

15. And pursuing an English major ;-)

damn , after reading all ur scores, i dont feel as special. I scored a wonderful 9. Yay to 9!!!!!

<voice style="austrian doktor">Hmmm. Miz D, your test scores are excessive of seven. According to zeez chart, you haf a problem. But not to worry! Watch zee teevee und play zee playstayshun und you vill be fine.</voice>

Eleven here. But it's not my fault, my parents are both teacher of literature. I was messed up right from the start.

You're not alone and always remember: recognition of the problem ist the first step to solve it! (I wonder what the sign of such a group would be, a paper ribbon? Or a bookmark?)

I'd guess the habitual myopia and the fact that when we gather we don't actually talk; too busy reading.

Myopia? Me? *hides her glasses behind back and falls on her nose overseeing the chair in front of her*

I've recently taken to forgetting to take my glasses off in a shower- how geeky is that! :)

It would really have been geeky if you had forgotten that you had taken a book, too XD

14... but I don't really consider it a problem. I have Reading Pride!

15. Just the other night I had a heavy book in one hand dangling from the bed. Zzzz.... z.... z.... book falls to floor. WHUMP!

I only scored 11 ... so I think I will do ok.


I only scored 13. I shall have to try harder from now on!

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