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Surreality and Synchronicity
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Getting off the bus I thought how odd it would be to find that someone had gotten off the bus along with you just to introduce themselves to you.

I put aside the possibility of them being a weird stalker-type with a fresh fixation, since that line of thought has been mapped fairly well by our (sadly) justifiably-paranoid society. It then becomes interesting to consider how you might react to an innocently interested (and possibly interesting) person. Who are they? Why are they approaching someone is such an unorthodox manner? How can they just do this without feeling embarrassment or shame?

See how orthodoxy matters so much to us, still, even to the unorthodox among us? Isn't it interesting how odd-ball thought experiments like this can reveal how really inhibited one still is? The question becomes, Why do I feel shame or embarrassed to approach someone uninvited, myself? What social taboo do I yield to that is invisible to me?

And so the thoughts went. I arbitrarily decided they would be a girl, my age or younger. I suppose that part of me defaults to preferring to interact with the opposite sex, and that part of me quite thoroughly buys into the myths around male-female power dynamics and therefore would find that much less threatening (see note about stalker-types above). Also, it occurred to me, it's flattering to imagine that she might be interested in me enough to do something so out of the ordinary, even if it is just my imagination. I pondered that I would be amused to nickname her Surreal, and then realised that the diminutive of that would end up being Surrey, which is just not a very nice name with which to label a girl.

And then I got up to my apartment and there was a strange girl stretched out in front of my door, reading a book, with bags and such scattered around her. She was dressed sort of punky, with short- and uniquely-cut dark hair, wearing something not too complicated in mostly black with pink accents in some form that I don't remember. The colours are most of what made an impression, rather than the shapes.

She was very evidently waiting, and yet didn't acknowledge me as I stood there taking in the scene.


She looked up, blank for only an instant. "Oh, I got the wrong one..." she remarked, chagrined, "They're probably already home."

As in, the wrong floor. She was waiting for the neighbours upstairs to come home. I stepped around her and went in to my apartment as she gathered up her stuff, and we resolutely ignored each other as anything more than traffic in a busy harbour of passing ships.

Is this my ego catching on to my Unconscious deciding I should be less of a hermit crab?

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I've almost got off the bus to intruduce myself to a number of people, but in my current situation it's... let's face it. Not having to meet someone's better than getting to know them and letting the inevitable happen. ;P

Seems to me that the only inevitable part of getting to know somebody is that, well, you get to know somebody. Kinda by definition, right?

OK, fine, and the usual death and taxes, but that's going to happen anyway.

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As a silly person once said, "You're interesting. And I think you should call me."

If I had gotten off a bus just to introduce myself to you, would that still have been OK, even though I'm older?

Cuz I just might have, you know.

Re: As a silly person once said, "You're interesting. And I think you should call me."

Yes. :)

The stuff revealed in that un-edited thought-process were just what went through my head then, taking turns and branching in that chaotic way that the train of thought tends to. Needing to fill out the image of the person with some details, the age range was just an arbitrary semi-conscious choice, likely pulled from one or some of the other bus riders.

I think that someone older than me isn't necessarily more threatening, but that someone younger definitely makes me feel at the advantage, and so safer. (My head was still working the thought away from the safety-reflex of assuming someone acting like that would be dangerous.)

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