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Fire & Ice survey
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Take the survey and then go read flipzagging's review of the book to which the survey is related.

Just like he did, I fell into the Idealism & Autonomy quadrant. It would be interesting to see a graph of percentage of population in each quandrant per province/state and country, unrealistic as gathering that data might be.

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I got Idealism & Autonomy as well ...

Here is my chartt.

He includes a regional chart in the book. I can lend it to you, or check it out in any bookstore (p. 81 of the paperback edition).

American regions vary quite a bit, but all the Canadian provinces are in Idealism and Autonomy.

If that includes Alberta, I'm somewhat reassured. I would've thought that they'd be farther into the Authority and Survival sides of the graph.

It sounds like an interesting book. I'd love to borrow it, and I'll even have time to read it in a couple of weeks with school ending.

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