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Welsh town names
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Hey darthmaus, how does one pronounce this town's name?

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Hee hee!! Yes, that one is a very famous tourist spot; the name means something silly like "St. Mary's church on the hill by the creek with the sheep on one side and..." you get the picture.

My grandmother has a humorous bumper sticker with the name of that town. It has never been affixed to a bumper. It would take up the whole thing. No shit.

I know how to pronounce the first two and last six syllables; the rest I can never remember. I'll stumble through it for you if you like :)

Can't you just listen to the MP3 of it?

I noticed that just after I posted, but I'm still amused enough to let the question stand. :)

Besides, there's something sexy about whispering in your ear in foreign tongues.

OK, maybe Welsh is not the sexiest language I can come up with, but it's a start.

Remind me to ask you again when we're next on a date. ;)

Well then... are you still up for Friday? :)

It would be amusing to hear her version of it. ;)

I played it backwards and it says "Hail Satan, now how about a nice spot of tea"

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