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Roleplaying Resources
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There are tonnes of web sites and essays out there about roleplaying and all the details that go into a good game, character, setting, etc. It takes a bit of work and time to find the gold in the dross, but sometimes it just falls into your lap.

This line made me want to post a link to the essay I'm reading now: "How do I make a cool, well developed character, and still get to have sweet-ass super powers?"

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Preach it. I love how McFarland's invisible katana is just an extension of the personality and history of the character.

My favorite character ever was created about the same way. The GM announced his world would like medieval Europe, around the time of the crusades. I wanted to play an illusionist. The solution popped into my head -- he's Jewish.

So I constructed my equivalent for an exiled, wandering people of this world, keeping arcane knowledge in their books. It also had integrity with the theme of illusions. He was fundamentally different from those around him, and putting up a false front of assimilation was second nature.

That's brilliant! Did the game end up being as much fun as it sounds like it had the potential to be?

Yes, the author is good. I'm going to be getting a lot of practice in this sort of thing because of the way The Window suggests magic be handled: as an extension of the character, and narratively. No more looking up a spell in the index; instead the success and effect of the spell will depend on the description we use during the game.

Yeah, I'm really digging this new way of looking at roleplaying.

Yeah, it was a pretty cool campaign, which got cut short because the GM's wife had a baby and afterwards he couldn't keep his priorities straight.

got cut short because the GM's wife had a baby and afterwards he couldn't keep his priorities straight.

heh ;-)

There's some other good stuff on that site that I'm wading through too. Sounds like these folks' orientation towards roleplaying is very compatible with mine.

Yeah, it is interesting stuff. And, now that I'm done that essay, I can spare an hour or two between my other studies to read some of it guilt-free! ;)

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