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Klein Bottles
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Ever needed a zero-volume bottle and just couldn't get a möbius strip to weld properly? Now you don't need to bother building that fourth-dimension projector to get one: buy an ACME Klein Bottle and astound your colleagues!

Calibrated Klein bottles are available as well. And if you get thirsty, you can impress the secretary with a manifold beverage container!

Be aware that 3-dimensionally embedded manifolds must be taken care of properly: For best results, avoid doing stupid things.

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How do we deliver such great manifolds? Volume! Volume! Volume!


Hubby and I both ROTFL.

I love the warnings at the bottom.

These things hurt my head. They supposedly have no volume but they hold liquid (and I suppose gases). They have this magical thing called "displacement" though, which is apparently different from "volume" although as near as I can tell it's almost measuring the same thing. Topologically it might be cool but I still think they are just weird.

Yeah, they make my brain hurt too, but it's a *good* hurt.

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