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During this past Folk Fest I decided that I would learn to play the fiddle. After I got out of my Discrete Math exam yesterday, I went down to Long & McQuade and rented a violin and bought a Irish fiddle method book and Wharram's Elementary Rudiments of Music.

It's a beautiful instrument capable of wondrous sounds. It's also capable of some pretty devilish sounds, and I learned how to make those quickly enough. Fortunately it's not that hard to bow clear notes and avoid sounding like a cat fight. I still can't quite read music, but I'm improving, and I've got through most of the theory and on to the practical basics: playing notes in succession according to sheet music. I haven't got to fingering yet so it's only the four notes of the open strings, but hey! Gotta start somewhere.

It's a lot of fun.

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You'll be playing in the Rainbow Band in no time. :)

I can teach you how to read music! =D

At least I'm useful in that way... and, let me say, that it is awesome you're learning how to play the fiddle! I've always wanted too but never had the guts... and just the fact that you went along with it on a whim is... cool! Can't wait to hear you play something! =D

Yay! I'm learning some sheet-music reading from Wharram, but, like I found yesterday with Mouse, I learn much better when I can argue with someone who already knows music than by just using a workbook.

Next time I see you I can play you the amazing tunes I've learned so far: G G G G... D D D D... A A A A... D D D D...

Long way to go yet. ;)
It'll take a while, but I don't mind taking the time to actually get skilled.

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