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This is my journal. I write infrequently, and sometimes over-frequently. Sometimes I write about important things, often just write about things that have caught my eye.


My journal will likely be offensive at various intervals to a significant cross-section of the population. That is to say that it's entirely possible that you will not agree with me. Specifically, my politics are socially liberal and fiscally moderate-socialist. You've been warned; if you haven't had the good sense to read my user info before reading my journal, then you definitely have no right to complain, either. Granted, this warning is here mostly for those people who are easily offended or have narrow world-views, and few of those are likely to know me in the first place. Everyone else, welcome!

Friends policies

I don't do friend-reciprocation. It's silly. I add and remove people from my friends list for my own reasons. You're welcome to add me—just don't assume that I will respond in any particular way. In return, I won't be offended if I friend you and you don't "friend me back." When the crew behind LJ finally implements the separation of the friends list into a "permission to read me" list and a "people I read regularly" list, all the silly social conventions around friending people will just evaporate.


I'm a spelling dork. If I've misspelled something in a post, feel free to rant in tangible words at me so that I can correct it, rather than silently noting it and allowing my writing to stand in error (especially if it's latin). Did I mention that I'm also a recovering perfectionist?

I'm also inordinately fond of correct punctuation and characters. I have as many of my programs set to use UTF-8 as possible, and I've arranged my keyboard so that I can actually type all those obscure characters. I've even memorised some Unicode HTML entities to more easily typeset my online writing. So, if I get carried away with ümlauts or em dashes and you think I've taken a wrong turn in my zealotry, feel free to correct me on that, too. ;-)

I'm a pedant. Again, a mostly recovering one, but I also like a good debate so I let it out to play often enough.


I have one filter that I post under about the role-playing campaign(s) I'm currently running. It's mostly informational stuff for my players that I don't think the rest of my friends-of list would care about. It's completely free of war-stories, though—few people can tell a war story worth listening to, and I'm not one of them. If you're interested for any reason, just ask to be added to my campaign filter. As of this update (2004-11-07) I'm not running games very often, so it's not a very active filter.

My preferred IM protocol is Jabber, which is open and free the same way that the email network is open and free. If you want to try Jabber, go download a linux, Windows , or Mac client that speaks the Jabber protocol. Incidentally, most of those clients can also speak MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, and so forth. If you use Google Talk, then you already have a client that speaks Jabber.


You can check out my listening habits—or, as is sometimes the case, what my computer likes to play when I'm not in the room—by checking out my last.FM profile. Last week's top-10 artists were:

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